Deluxe Transaxle Rebuild Kit

Feel like you’re up to the task of rebuilding your own transaxle? If so Rancho Performance Transaxles is now offering a rebuild kit that includes all of the absolute basic components required to freshin’ up your Swing or IRS VW transaxle.

Included in the Rancho Transaxle Rebuild kits are: Bushed Gear Carrier, FAG Pinion Bearing, Main Shaft Bearing, Differential Bearings, 1-2 Slider, 3-4 Slider with Main Shaft Hub, 4 Syncros, Reverse Gear, Input Shaft, Hockey Stick, Nose Cone Bushings and Seal, Bronze Cross Shaft Bushing and One Piece Boots with Clamps.

Kits do not include damaged or other parts that may require replacement. The total package as shown here retails for just $495.00 and along with other pieces you may need, is available direct from Rancho by calling 714-680-6737 or through their On-Line Super Store at

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