Dual Cool 90 Amp Alternator

Compufire Performance Products announces the release of the Dual-Cool 90 Amp Alternator for air-cooled Volkswagen powered vehicles including the Bug, Bus, Offroad, and Kit cars. The Dual-Cool 90 Amp alternator features two internal cooling fans to reduce operating temperatures, improve reliability, and keep dust and silt out in off-road car installations.

The Alternator features a rugged solid state internal voltage regulator, precision wound and balanced armature, and is assembled in the U.S.A. using 100% new components. The Dual-Cool 90 Amp Alternator now makes possible the use of high current draw electrical accessories including high amp sound systems, engine management and fuel injection systems, and high wattage off-road lighting.

The Dual-Cool alternator is a direct bolt on replacement for the AL82 Bosch type unit and is available in a standard or polished finish. The part number for plain finish is 58620 MSRP $369.99 and fully polished P/N 58630 MSRP $399.99. For more information contact Compufire direct at 562-803-1700 or catch them on the Web at www.compufire.com. Dealer inquiries welcome.

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