Micro Stub Conversion Addresses Breakage Issues

Developed primarily to address needs of serious off-road competition vehicles JAMAR’s, centerboard, micro stub kit will certainly prove beneficial to a variety of auto sport applications. The sophisticated stub kit is designed to bring the bearings closer together thereby minimizing the possibility of breakage and associated issues. Each kit comes with a 3/8” x 11.250 rotor, billet 4-piston caliper, 205 mm lug pattern with 14 mm lug studs. The black surface is a special UV coating and provides a durable, long lasting finish. There are 2 stub axle options, 930 or 934.

For 934 applications the flange is lightened and clearanced for the CV axle. Additionally, bolt holes in the axle are upgraded to ½-20 thread to keep all CV fasteners similar. The new Micro Stub kit retails for $1939.00 and can is available from JAMAR dealers worldwide. For the dealer nearest you visit JAMAR at www.jamarperformance.com

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